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By collaborate with Kodisign, you will get dedicated creative team to meet the unique needs of your projects. No more chasing deadlines or designers with our fully-managed service.

We believe to give you the highest standard of work possible.

Our focus is on finding the sweet spot between business needs, users and technical possibilities.

From the requirements, we will estimate the effort that will be used, so that it will be more predictable and in accordance with the timeline

We provide personalized services to create better and more efficient designs
Design Research

Using design thinking principles we will delve into your product, your users as well as the competitive landscape to provide you with a comprehensive and contextual understanding of your product.

Digital Product Design

Crafting product experiences that ensure ease of use, simplicity and delightful visuals at every point of interaction. Killer landing pages, responsive website design, interactive application design, collaborative dashboards - we do it all.

Product Development

We make sure that communication and design hand-off to the engineering team runs smoothly and we also integrate 'design-testing' in the production process to ensure all development is at par with the design.

Design Audits

Solving problems starts with identifying them. We perform a thorough inspection of your product to analyze its performance and suggest ways in which your product can be improved to achieve business goals or measurable KPIs.

Design Systems

We help establish a collection of reusable yet dynamic elements to build an integrated and consistent user interface across your product, enabling a quick collaboration process across different product teams.

UX Branding

We take branding a step further by integrating it within the product's UI/UX design as a cohesive system that helps communicate company values, positioning, tone of voice and connects multiple touch points within the company

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Design Insight
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